Welcome to Girth & Mirth of AZ

Girth and Mirth Arizona (GMAZ) is the organization in Arizona for big men and their admirers to come together without fear of being shunned for being large or liking large men. Our network enables it’s members to socialize and value themselves and others by celebrating being big, healthy and alive. We feel proud of who we are and knowing that issues that affect them can be shared with others to generate a healthy environment for all.

Our mission: to provide a social collective to help empower the big man’s community.

We plan a variety of fun events throughout the year: excursions, pot luck dinners, bar nights out with the big boys, brunches and other fabulous happenings chosen by our members. After all it’s our Big Wild West, so, if you are a Chub, Chaser, Bear, Cub, Admirer or Big Man without a label that fits you, we want you! Membership is FREE and as simple as clicking the “Contact us” button below. Once you sign up we will add you to our mailing list and you’ll get an email about what we are doing for all our activities. If you have a question or just need to get in contact with us, just click the same button and tell us how we can help you.




If you want more details about what Girth & Mirth. Big Men’s Clubs or what is BGMO please visit our FAQ page to find out!