What is Girth & Mirth aka a Big Men’s Club?

We are a club for gay men who admire bigger men. We provide assistance to our members seeking opportunities to come together without fear of being shunned for being large or liking large men. Our network enables big gay men to socialize and value ourselves by celebrating being big, healthy, and alive. We promote being proud of who we are and knowing that issues that affect us all can be shared with each other to foster and generate a healthy environment for all.

We are apart of an organization which has been around for over 36 years. Big Gay Mens Organization BGMO is a new name for the former organization that was called Affiliated Big Mens Clubs (ABC). The mission of ABC and BGMO are virtually the same, but for organizations to continue to move themselves forward, organizations need to change with the times in order to remain a viable organization. ABC was formed in 1985, by a group of big men that wanted to help big gay men to connect, in ways there were positive for those that attended the meetings and events. The name and a new set of bylaws were changed in April of 2013, which formed BGMO.

BGMO is continuing that tradition, as well as developing itself as a complete nonprofit organization which will help the organization to begin accepting sponsorship’s and doing fundraising to continue to provide the needed assistance to all of its members and the big gay mans community around the world.

To visit our Organization you can go here: www.BigGayMen.Org

Here are a few other questions that you might have and if you have a question that we haven’t answered please click on Contact Us on the menu below.


1. What is a big (Chub) man?
A big man is someone who is large in size (fat) but it is dependent on the persons perspective. One man might consider himself big when he weighs 200 pounds. Another man might not consider himself big until he weighs over 300 pounds. It all depends on the body type. You can be 6 feet, 7 inches tall and weigh 225 pounds and look like a model with a flat stomach and no visible body fat. Or you can be 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weigh 200 pounds and looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy with a big, round, soft belly and man boobs. The Pillsbury Dough Boy is the type that we think of when we think of a chubby man in Girth and Mirth and Big Men’s clubs. It doesn’t matter whether you have the body and or facial hair or you are as smooth as a baby’s behind. The size and roundness of your belly and your overall body fat is the most important aspect of being a chub.
2. What is a admirer (Chaser)?
A admirer is simply a man who is sexually and/or romantically attracted to chubby men. Descriptions of admirer on other websites say that admirers are men who are much smaller than big men. Well, that is not true. A admirer can be any size man. The most important aspect of being a admirer is that he actively pursues the company of chubby men. Some admirers are offended by the word “chaser” because they believe it invokes a negative image. They prefer to be called “admirers” instead which is a little more accurate because the word chaser implies that you are running after a big man but most big men do not run away from admirers. There are a number of admirers who are also big men, that is also called chub for chub.
3. What is a activity (event)?
A activity is the same thing as a party you would have in your home. People come to mix and mingle, have a little something to eat and enjoy each others company. It is a place for you to feel comfortable being around big men and admirers and to feel good about your attraction to them. In a lot of gay bars/restaurants/gay events, big men and their admirers feel awkward and uncomfortable expressing their attraction for each other because the mainstream gay community doesn’t understand the big man and admirer interaction and can be very critical of big men and their admirers. The activity provides a safe environment where big men and their admirers can interact freely. We strive to have a theme for our socials, such as, Valentines, Founder’s Day, Beginning of Summer, End of Summer, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving Potlucks, and New Year’s Eve Parties.
4. Do you have sex at your activities?
No we don’t allow sex at the activities because there are many big men and their admirers that are not comfortable being naked in a group setting. However, you are welcome to mix and mingle and meet people at the social. Hugging and light social kissing are allowed. Hopefully, you will meet someone that you want to get to know better and you can exchange contact information with him (telephone number, email address, etc) and get together with him. Or, you can leave the social and go home together so you can get to know each other in a more private setting.
5. Where do you meet?
In general, we meet at the restaurants, bars, movie theaters, bowling alleys, private homes, night clubs and any place where we would like to have an activity.  We make sure that the place that we host an activity has access for our big guys.  Nothing worse then going to a resturant and getting stuck in a booth you do not fit in.
properother outings and just about anywhere depending on the time of year. If we have someone who is nice enough to volunteer their place for an activity. then we also include to our activities pot lucks, pool parties, game nights and more!  Have a suggestion let us know as we are open to any and all ideas.
6. What kinds of events do you host?
Look at our Happenings page to learn about our current activities.  We do a variety of events which include pot luck dinners, dinner night outs, brunch get togethers, movie nights, bar nights, pool parties, game nights, poker nights, and much more.  No matter the activity they are all desinged for our community to ensure you have a good time at one of our events.
7. How do I become a member?
All you need to do is click on the contact us button at the bottom of this page to sign up.  That will add you to our email list so you can start getting our newsletters that tell you about the wonderful activities we have planned. It’s free and for membership, however from time to time there maybe donations requested.  This is done to help the host and the club pay for its expenses, like this website, supplies for events and the like.  These events will be mentioned to you ahead of time, so there will be no surprises. So this is a great time to find out what we are about and see if its something you will enjoy, who knows maybe you will be become a host for one of our activities and help make our club even better!

8. What do I have to do to host a activity?

Thanks for considering hosting an activity! It’s really simple, just use the Contact Us button below and tell us you want to do a activity. Please tell us what you would like to do to, when and where. We will contact you as soon as we get your message and help you get the word out to the club.  We love those that open their homes for our community.
9. What is the minimum age to join Girth and Mirth of AZ?
You must be at least 18 years old to join Girth and Mirth of AZ.  However we do support and occassionaly do activites for those younger, as they need our help as well.